Why Does Training Fail?

  • Training fails when it does not connect to people where they are and in what they are doing.
  • Training fails when it is loses sight of its main objectives.
  • Training fails when it’s more tellin’ than teachin’.

Training that Matters

HG(II)S works to remove the potholes in education and corporate training by developing media and instructional programs that make a difference. Our approach is to create and deliver educational experiences that involve and engage the learner. We leverage life and the workplace as the pivotal points for discovery, synthesis, analysis and practice. We have been working to transform the learning process and move traditional training away from passive “data dumps” toward interactive exploration, discovery and problem solving that better match the ways people work and learn.

“Learning is not the product of teaching.

Learning is the product of the activity of learners.”

– John Holt

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