Web 2.0

Edmodo – A Twitter for Educators

Edmodo is a free private Twitter-like messaging system that focuses on educational uses. Now in version 2, Edmodo offers a host of interesting features for educators who need to venture into messaging as part of their instructional technique: Microblog Public Timeline (RSS) Assignments & Grades Store & Share Files Notifications (SMS) Share Links & Embeds […]

‘Collaboratory’ Technology and the New Humanities

Commenting on the popular rise of collaborative technologies in higher education, Richard Miller of Rutgers University illustrates the effects that group communications media are playing on the development of creative writing and written expression. He goes on to speak about the role of “collaborative composition” in creative writing and its place in the proposed Center […]

IT & 21st Century Learning

Educational Origami is a wiki site dedicated to bringing the classroom into the 21st Century. It’s a bit “busy” but well worth the effort combing through its many winding links and pages. One of the main features of the site is the update of Bloom’s Taxonomy for the modern electronic learner. Other notable topics include: […]